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Review: The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3)
Source: Goodreads
Title: The Gray Wolf Throne
Author: Cinda Williams Chima
Series: The Seven Realms #3
Published: 2011 by Hyperion
Where I got the book from: the library

A synopsis can be found here on Goodreads (it has spoilers for the other books so I won't paste it on the blog).


Cinda Williams Chima’s third novel in the Seven Realms series did not, just like the first two books, lack in tension, secrets or romance. Emotions are described well – hurt and betrayal for example, which were inevitable when a certain revelation was made. Moreover, The Gray Wolf Throne focuses on court and politics, which I love reading about especially in the high fantasy genre.
Another aspect I was pleased with was the fact that I really don’t know the answers to the main mysteries! This one kept me on my toes, waiting to find out who was the bad guy and dying to know how things would finish up with Raisa and Han because truly, things could end in any way and the suspense of that makes me happy. The ending left me intrigued about what could happen next but I have a feeling the final book will leave me surprised.


Unfortunately, The Gray Wolf Throne disappointed me in a few ways. First of all, I wanted the Seven Realms to be a trilogy, but apparently it’s a four book series. The library doesn’t have the fourth book and I don’t want to buy it because I hate buying sequels if I don’t have the whole series, and additionally because I don’t PASSIONATELY love this series.
Another reason why I wasn’t stunned by The Gray Wolf Throne is Raisa’s complex and frustrating collection of relationships. I am sick of Micah and Nightwalker buzzing around her like flies attracted to a pot of honey, and her letting them. And Mellony – well, I think Mellony should have had a slightly bigger role in book one (I’m not sure if Raisa ever even had a conversation with her?) so that we could witness the apparent change in her. Mellony is just annoyingly easily swayed and so very na├»ve-seeming.
Furthermore, I was kind of tired of the danger element remaining only a threat. What I mean is there have been enough assassins and I want a real battle next.
Finally – and this is a really small issue, it hardly bothered me - the beginning had a predictable element, Crow’s identity. It was one of my guesses so I wasn’t surprised.

The Gray Wolf Throne wasn’t a jaw-dropping, amazing novel but nonetheless a strong enough sequel to the Seven Realms series. I liked not knowing how things would end but would have wanted the series to wrap up already. Raisa’s “suitors” annoyed me but otherwise I enjoyed the plot, especially the political intrigue and the suspense.

4-/5 A solid, intriguing sequel with a couple of disappointing details!
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