Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Joining the Blogosphere

Hello bloggers and booklovers!

I am a 17-year-old girl who lives in Finland going by the blogging name Eve. Reading, my greatest passion, has been dear to me since my childhood. When I was a toddler and didn’t even know how to read yet, I knew some of my favourite books by heart. Today, reading is still my favourite hobby and a part of my life I could never give up. Books transform me and they are an integral part of me – without them I wouldn’t be who I am now.

I first stumbled upon book blogs around a year ago. Before that I hadn’t even heard of them before so you can imagine my thrill in discovering there was an entire world online dedicated to reading, reviewing and obsessing over books. It’s no surprise, really, that I suddenly had a mind-numbingly spectacular idea (or so I thought back then). What if I wrote a blog? On books I’ve read? Little fireworks of excitement exploded in my brain.

Over the past year this idea has gradually grown more powerful, and the urge to start blogging ever more insistent. It took me a year to realize that yes, I can do this, and then actually do it. I had some qualms or more like fears, though – and I still have some, but I’m trying to stifle them – such as the fear of blogging becoming stressful, or taking up both my (reading) time and energy, or maybe me becoming a tiny, insignificant blogger whose opinions nobody would like to hear about.  

Despite all those unsure thoughts, here I am. I’m ready to step into the blogosphere and join the bookish love. I want to share my feelings on everything and anything that inspires me and has a connection to literature. I’m predicting I will mainly write reviews on YA novels (contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, historical and paranormal) but we’ll see – I might review a novel targeted at adults or a non-fiction book every now and then to make my blog a little more diverse.

In brief, let the adventure begin!


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